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Pulpboard Jesse Tree Ornament Set and Book (includes O Antiphons)

Pulpboard Jesse Tree Ornament Set and Book (includes O Antiphons)

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 Fall in love with this simple but meaningful Advent tradition. With this set of 24 thick pulpboard paper ornaments (3.7" in diameter) in a beautiful cotton keepsake bag, you can pass down the magic of Advent for generations to come. Also included is the 8.25"x6.75" paperback book, The Tree of Jesse, that has short daily readings and explanations to accompany each ornament. 

This Jesse Tree set includes the O Antiphons as the last eight days.

Days included in The Tree of Jesse book and ornaments: Creation, Adam and Eve, Fall of Man, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Samuel, Jesse, David, Solomon, Joseph, Mary, John the Baptist, Jesus is Wisdom/O Sapientia, Jesus is Lord/O Adonai, Jesus is Flower of Jesse/O Radix Jesse, Jesus is Key of David/O Clavis David, Jesus is the Radiant Dawn,/O Oriens, Jesus is King of the Gentiles/O Rex Gentium, Jesus is Emmanuel/O Emmanuel, and Jesus is Light of the World.

What is the Jesse Tree?

The Jesse Tree is the tradition of using a set of ornaments symbolizing the coming of Jesus; a way to help prepare our homes and our hearts for Christ on Christmas day.

The Jesse Tree gets its name from the prophecy of Isaiah 11:1, "And there shall come forth a rod out of the root of Jesse, and a flower shall rise up out of his root." The Tree of Jesse follows the genealogy of Jesus in such a way as to show that Jesus springs from the root of Jesse. The last seven days of this Jesse Tree set follows the O antiphons, or titles for the Messiah. 

The Jesse Tree starts on December 1st and goes through Christmas Eve.

Original artwork and ornament designs by Kortnee Senn

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